My name is Tino Lintelo. I am an artist, painter and a resident of Leidschendam, a town near The Hague in The Netherlands. I have exhibited in various galleries around the country. In the next few lines I will explain some things about my work.

In my work I am constantly looking for themes. Finding a new theme usually results in a series of paintings in which there's a lot of room for diversity . Recent themes are: sports, female nudes, birds, flowers and dutch landscapes.

When I start painting I usually do not know where the process will end. The final outcome is the result of an artistic process, in which experimenting with brilliant colors and the accidental flowing of the paint are the main ingredients.

The images are created in a conscious/subconscious process where the emphasis lies not on recreating an image but on creating an expression of an image.

Feel free to observe these images in my gallery. Click here to read my resumé.